Monday, September 23, 2019

Understand MLM

To some people, there may not seem to be much to understand. My experience says that many people don't understand it fully or they would be unstoppable.

I believe that once you deeply understand what MLM is about, it's virtually impossible to be satisfied working for someone else for a wage.

This Blog is devoted to finding ways to get the big picture across.

I am passionate about wanting to get this message to as many people as possible because when I die, I would love to think that I'd helped x number of people 'see the light'.

Maybe that sounds a bit pretentious. However, when I see young couples achieve complete financial- (and time-) freedom before they're 30, and when I realise that anyone could do the same if they could just see the big picture, it makes me determined to try.

To your success.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Just find 5 serious people...

This is a bit of a cliche in MLM - Just find 5 serious people....

However, it is true!

The principle of MLM is often demonstrated by 'drawing the circles':

You start with a circle representing you.

Draw 5 circles below, each connected by a line to you. Then draw 5 circles below each of those circles and so on.

On level 1 you have 5, on Level 2 25, on level 3 there will be 125 and on level 4 625 - that's 781 people including yourself.

Take it a couple more levels and it becomes 3906, 19531 - You're rich!

Does it work like this in practice? Well, yes and no.

No, it certainly won't be true that the first 5 people you introduce will each introduce 5 who introduce 5.

But what is true is that if you keep introducing people, some of those people will be as serious as you. Those serious people will then begin introducing people and some of those will be serious.

And in this way, if you ignore the non-serious people and remember that the circles represent the serious people then, yes, it works just the way the circles show.

To your success.

Saturday, October 01, 2005


Duplication is one of the first terms you'll discover when you encounter MLM, with good reason!

The principle of MLM is one of getting customers (players) and distributors (affiliates) and then showing them how to do the same.

This works best if there is a system and the same information is communicated at every level.

Note that not every aspect of the business duplicates. Your DMO is possibly unique to you, you don't try to duplicate that within your team.

However, the principle of the DMO does duplicate and the methods that were available to you should be available to them, even if you don't use them.

Imagine if you had no system in place to create duplication. You would teach your new affiliates what they should do. In time, they would teach their new affiliates who would teach their affiliates and so on.

Within a very short time, what's being passed from generation to generation bears no resemblance to what you taught; there is no duplication occurring.

You have a unique system at your disposal for creating duplication within your team - this website.

By passing this website ( to your new affiliates and teaching them to pass it on to their team, you ensure a minimum level of duplication. You can be confident that the same message and the same minimum level of support is getting to all your team members, even those you can't communicate with.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Exponential Growth

Can you imagine if your current income increased at 5% per month?

It would nearly double every year - that's exponential growth.

My 9-5 income grows exponentially too, although it's only about 3% per year, so it takes 24 years to double!!

Some of the successful people in this business are getting growth in excess of 10% per month!!

It's important for yourself and for anyone you introduce that you don't have (give) unrealistic expectations.

It's difficult to predict what any given person will be earning in say 4 years time. What we can do is illustrate generically how an income might grow.

For example, let's just say that I've just started and that I will get growth of 10% per month and that 3 years from now I'll be earning £4000 per month.

That means that 2 years from now I'll be earning about £1200 a month and in 1 year about £400 a month.

This is not meant to be an accurate illustration but it illustrates the point that at the end of year 1, I'm only earning 10% of the year 3 income and at the end of year 2, about 30%.

That is exponential growth.

In other words, it takes the same length of time to go from an income of £140 to £400 a month as it does to go from £1200 to £4000 a month.

The slow growth at the beginning leads to a lot of people giving up - make sure you and anyone you introduce understand exponential growth so they're prepared for it.

To your success.


MLM stands for Multi-Level Marketing.

It can also be known as affiliate marketing, network marketing or referral marketing.

Network and referral refer to the fact that we do business by talking (networking) with other people - sharing something we've found that we think they might be interested in.

Multi-Level refers to the most exciting element of the business - that we can introduce others to the business and they become part of our team. We then help those people introduce others and they also become part of our team and so on.

In return for the help we give our team, we earn a percentage commission on all the people in our team, whether they were introduced directly or indirectly.

This is what leads to exponential growth.

To your success.